Safety in emergency situations. 18+ years

Safety in emergency situations. 18+ years
safety category
Emergency safety
18+ years
number of questions

Question №1
Which types of emergencies have the most severe foreseeable consequences?
Question №2
During an earthquake, from the first vibrations to the destructive tremors usually takes:
Question №3
Where is the safest place for a pedestrian to walk if there is no sidewalk or walkway?
Question №4
What you should do if your clothes catch fire:
Question №5
Should citizens know and fulfill the requirements of fire safety at home and in production activities?
Question №6
If the fire suddenly spreads to nearby buildings, what should you do?
Question №7
At the threat of poisoning by chemically hazardous substances, first of all being in the room it is necessary to:
Question №8
If there is a fire and there is a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher at hand - it is not allowed:
Question №9
If there is an explosion in the neighboring apartment, the door and your apartment is blocked, the light is off, the phone does not work, you should:
Question №10
Signs of an approaching earthquake may be the following phenomena:
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