Safety in ecosystems. 5-11 grade

Safety in ecosystems. 5-11 grade
safety category
Safety in ecosystems
5-11 grade
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Question №1
What is the main cause of wildfires in the world today?
Question №2
If a thunderstorm hits you while you are playing sports ...
Question №3
What should you do if there is a threat of a hurricane?
Question №4
How can you protect yourself from hail in the street?
Question №5
What are the different types of forest fires?
Question №6
Is it allowed for children under 14 years old to swim in water bodies without adult accompaniment?
Question №7
If you see a person drowning ...
Question №8
What will you do if it is very hot for several days?
Question №9
When encountering a snake ...
Question №10
What is the danger of pine borscht?
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