Safety in ecosystems. 18+ years

Safety in ecosystems. 18+ years
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Safety in ecosystems
18+ years
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Question №1
A graph characterizing the direction, strength of the wind in a particular area, built on the basis of long-term observations, is called ....
Question №2
What is another way to refer to a peat fire?
Question №3
How many life jackets should be in a boat?
Question №4
In what year did a large peat fire occur in Petrikov district of Gomel region?
Question №5
When given advance warning of the threat of storms, hurricanes, and tornadoes, you should:
Question №6
What is the twelve-point scale adopted by the World Meteorological Organization to approximate wind speed?
Question №7
Where, of the following, should an automobile be parked during a thunderstorm?
Question №8
If a thunderstorm catches you near a body of water ...
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