Safety in ecosystems. 1-4 grade

Safety in ecosystems. 1-4 grade
safety category
Safety in ecosystems
1-4 grade
number of questions

Question №1
How should you get out of a forest fire?
Question №2
Which of the following snake species is found in Belarus?
Question №3
You are coming home from school and suddenly a thunderstorm starts, what should you do?
Question №4
You are at home, there is a strong wind outside, what should you do?
Question №5
Finish the sentence correctly: “It is safer to swim ...”
Question №6
Is it possible to swim on an air mattress?
Question №7
What dangers can you encounter in the forest?
Question №8
If you lose sight of the adults you came into the forest with, how do you get their attention?
Question №9
What is the best time to be at home during a heat wave?
Question №10
In what places is it allowed to skate?
Question №11
Where should you not hide during heavy rain?
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