Public safety. 18+ years

Public safety. 18+ years
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Public safety
18+ years
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Question №1
Returning home in the evening, you will:
Question №2
When you are in a crowd and you fall, what action should you take?
Question №3
What should you do if you witness violence against another person?
Question №4
What does the acronym “OPG” stand for?
Question №5
What action should you take when you receive a suspicious letter or package?
Question №6
What signs indicate possible fraud in online shopping?
Question №7
What safety precautions should be observed when attending public events such as concerts or festivals?
Question №8
What is “public safety”?
Question №9
What does the abbreviation “MES” stand for?
Question №10
What is the role of civil society in ensuring public safety?
Question №11
In what ways can you assist in the fight against Internet fraud?
Question №12
What measures should be taken to prevent domestic burglaries and robberies?
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