Patriotic education. 18+ years

Patriotic education. 18+ years
safety category
Industrial safety
18+ years
number of questions

Question №1
How many states border Belarus?
Question №2
In what year did coins first appear in Belarus?
Question №3
The most popular sport in Belarus?
Question №4
Who was one of the first to print the Bible?
Question №5
Which city almost became the capital of Belarus twice in the Soviet history?
Question №6
Which country's banknote shows a tractor «Belarus»?
Which country's banknote shows a tractor «Belarus»?
Question №7
How many times has Independence Avenue changed its name?
Question №8
The highest point of Belarus has an altitude of:
Question №9
What was the name of the German plan of attack on the USSR?
Question №10
36% of our state's land area is occupied by ....
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