Metrological phenomena. 5-11 grade

Metrological phenomena. 5-11 grade
safety category
Dangerous metrological phenomena
5-11 grade
number of questions

Question №1
Safe natural shelter outdoors during hurricanes?
Question №2
What instrument can be used to determine the decrease in pressure?
Question №3
Which scientist created a scale of wind strength?
Question №4
Which bird “predicts” a strong wind - rain?
Question №5
What safety precautions should be observed during fog on the road?
Question №6
What dangerous consequences can a severe frost have?
Question №7
What are the main signs that a thunderstorm is approaching?
Question №8
What precautions should be taken in the event of a downpour with thunderstorms?
Question №9
What hazards can result from a heavy downpour?
Question №10
What is a tornado?
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