Industrial safety. 18+ years

Industrial safety. 18+ years
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Industrial safety
18+ years
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Question №1
Which country has the longest escalator system over 800 meters?
Question №2
Elevator with what capacity can move six people with intensive human flow together with luggage, for example, in large shopping and entertainment complexes, office buildings?
Question №3
What capacity elevator can move eight people with baby strollers, oversized shopping, wheelchairs in houses, administrative offices, entertainment centers?
Question №4
Select what is not a threat to life on construction sites:
Question №5
By whom and when was the first escalator in the form of an “inclined elevator” patented?
Question №6
Who and in what year invented the first electric elevator with a system to delay the machine in the shaft when the rope breaks?
Question №7
What rules should be followed when buying pyrotechnics?
Question №8
What is the correct way to set off fireworks, choose the correct answer:
Question №9
What rules should everyone, without exception, follow when using an escalator?
Question №10
An elevator is considered to be a dangerous vehicle. Who should be the first to enter and exit an elevator car?
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