Industrial safety. 1-4 grade

Industrial safety. 1-4 grade
safety category
Industrial safety
1-4 grade
number of questions

Question №1
Which country is the Homeland of pyrotechnic products:
Question №2
While walking home from school, you find an injured person in an open sewer shaft. Required:
Question №3
Is it possible to stop the escalator in an emergency:
Question №4
If the fireworks (pyrotechnics) did not work, you should:
Question №5
Are children allowed on construction sites:
Question №6
What is forbidden in the elevator:
Question №7
Are young children allowed to use pyrotechnic products:
Question №8
How to travel correctly on an escalator:
Question №9
Where should the burnt-out Bengal candle be thrown away:
Question №10
What should be done if you are stuck in an elevator:
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