Fire safety. 1-4 grade

Fire safety. 1-4 grade
safety category
Industrial safety
1-4 grade
number of questions

Question №1
What can cause a fire in the house?
Question №2
If your clothes catch fire on you?
Question №3
What is the profession of the person who puts out fires called?
Question №4
If there is a fire at school, how should a student act?
Question №5
What should you do if, in a fire, the fire does not allow you to leave the apartment?
Question №6
What improvised means can be used to put out a fire?
Question №7
At what time of day can you charge a cell phone?
Question №8
Playing with which objects can cause a fire?
Question №9
Where is the most smoke in a fire?
Question №10
If there is a fire, how will you act?
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