Criminal safety. 5-11 grade

Criminal safety. 5-11 grade
safety category
Criminal safety
5-11 grade
number of questions

Question №1
In messenger you receive a message about work as a courier. The work is not difficult, the salary is high, all the conditions on the link in the message. Your actions:
Question №2
The best friend at the disco encloses to get unforgettable experience and try drugs. What are your actions?
Question №3
What should you not tell others about your bank card?
Question №4
You decide to watch a movie online. The site asks you to enter your mobile number so that you can watch the movie in good quality and without commercials. What will you do?
Question №5
You have received an email about winning the lottery. In order to receive the prize, you need to pay for its delivery. What will you do?
Question №6
How should you behave if it is necessary to leave the house in the dark?
Question №7
You think someone on the street is following you. What will you do? Choose an answer:
Question №8
You board a bus and see a bag left by someone under the back seat. What should you do?
Question №9
If you find yourself in an elevator with a stranger, how should you behave:
Question №10
What should you do if you are approached by a group of aggressive teenagers who are shouting taunts at you and there are no people nearby?
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