Criminal safety. 18+ years

Criminal safety. 18+ years
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Criminal safety
18+ years
number of questions

Question №1
When you approach an ATM to withdraw cash, you notice a suspicious object on the body of the ATM. Your actions:
Question №2
You return home after a vacation and notice that someone has visited your house. Your actions:
Question №3
You receive a call from a stranger that your close relative is in trouble and needs an expensive operation. But the issue can be solved quickly by giving a sum of money to an intermediary:
Question №4
While vacationing in the company of close friends you are offered to try a new smoking mixture. Your actions:
Question №5
What do you need to do to maximize the security of your e-wallet?
Question №6
You are looking for a site where you can buy airplane tickets. What should you pay attention to when choosing such a service?
Question №7
You have received an e-mail: “Your bank card is blocked. To unblock it, follow the link, enter your card number and its PIN-code”. What do you do?
Question №8
How should you behave if you have to leave the house in the dark?
Question №9
Upon discovering a suspicious thing (ownerless object) in the passenger compartment of public transportation (bus, trolleybus, streetcar) it is necessary to:
Question №10
You think someone on the street is following you. What will you do? Choose an answer:
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