Criminal safety. 1-4 grade

Criminal safety. 1-4 grade
safety category
Criminal safety
1-4 grade
number of questions

Question №1
In a social network you receive a message about a big win, but to get it you need to follow the link and enter your data:
Question №2
On the street near a store you found a bank card with a PIN-code written on the back. Your actions:
Question №3
In a cafe you noticed a backpack left on a table, there is no one around. Your actions:
Question №4
While walking in a park, you notice a latest model cell phone left on a bench with no one around. Your actions:
Question №5
You enter the entranceway and encounter unpleasant company. Your actions:
Question №6
You are home alone, the letter carrier rings your doorbell and says: “Urgent letter from the bank. You must get it or your parents will scold you!”. Your actions:
Question №7
Returning home in the evening, you will:
Question №8
Teenage bullies sometimes attack small children. Would you advise children in this case to:
Question №9
A strange woman approached you in the street and told you that she owed your mom money. What will you do?
Question №10
On your way home from school, a stranger approaches you and offers you a ride home. What will you do?
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