Civil defense. 5-11 grade

Civil defense. 5-11 grade
safety category
Civil defense
5-11 grade
number of questions

Question №1
What GO signal means howling siren, intermittent humming of enterprises and transporters?
Question №2
You were playing with your friends in the street. Suddenly, the horns started blaring at factories and enterprises. In a residential area turned on the siren. Your actions:
Question №3
When announcing evacuation, citizens are obliged to take with them:
Question №4
If the signal of a threat of enemy attack catches you in the street, you should:
Question №5
What this sign means?
What this sign means?
Question №6
World Civil Defense Day is observed on:
Question №7
Being at home you received a notification about an accident with the release of hazardous chemicals, what is the sequence of actions in this case?
Question №8
Republican action of the Ministry of Emergency Situations “Attention everyone!”:
Question №9
What is the name of the emergency situation, the sources of which are accidents, explosions?
Question №10
Procedure of actions of the population at the threat of a missile-aviation strike
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