Vadim Sinyavsky took part in the opening of the interactive exhibition “Children of War”

Vadim Sinyavsky took part in the opening of the interactive exhibition “Children of War”
Vadim Sinyavsky took part in the opening of the interactive exhibition “Children of War”

The Educational Center of Life Safety of the Ministry of Emergency Situations hosted the opening of the unique interactive exhibition «Children of War» dedicated to the genocide of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War. The event was attended by Prosecutor General of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Shved and Minister for Emergency Situations Vadim Sinyavsky.

The exhibition is a series of interactive zones, each dedicated to different aspects of children’s lives during the war: from everyday life and school days to military operations and evacuation. Visitors will be able to «walk the path of war children», see diaries, letters and photographs that tell about that time from the point of view of its youngest participants.

The peculiarity of the exhibition is the use of interactive technologies: through audio guides, touch screens and virtual reality visitors can «hear» the stories of children, «look» through their eyes at the events of those years and even «take part» in some moments of their lives.

This is not just an exhibition — it is a journey into the past, a tribute to the memory and respect for the feat of those who survived the war as children. An important lesson for today’s children, teenagers and adults about the value of peace, strength of spirit and the importance of remembering the history of their country.

Opening the exhibition, Prosecutor General Andrei Shved reminded the audience that the investigation into the genocide of the Belarusian people had been underway for almost 3 years, as a result of which terrible facts had been established:

— Today we are talking about the fact that our republic, one of the few, and maybe the only one, during the World War II years was subjected to all forms of genocide known to mankind. The occupation lasted more than 1100 days, and every day blood was shed on our land. More than 180 punitive operations, more than 580 death camps, 12289 completely or partially destroyed settlements, of which at least 276 villages shared the fate of Khatyn. These are terrible figures, behind which are the fates of our ancestors. It is necessary to know and understand about it. Read, listen to, understand, tell your children, grandchildren, so that they also know and understand it all. So that their moral core is strengthened inside, so that they know that the truth is behind us. And these kinds of events, such as the opening of the exhibition in the Educational Center of Safety, are all important steps to ensure that our country continues to prosper.

Minister of Emergency Situations Vadim Sinyavsky noted the importance of preserving the memory of the events of the Great Patriotic War and passing this memory on to future generations.

— It is hard to imagine, even harder to calculate how our country would have developed if every third Belarusian had not been killed during the Great Patriotic War. How our economy would have developed, what successes in development we would have achieved, how many young people would have been born, how many happy families would have been created,” said Vadim Sinyavsky. — There is no event in the historical perspective more terrible than the war, which the Belarusian people experienced. We, modern leaders, future leaders, today’s and future rescue officers, every day, coming to the service, performing our duties, leading our teams, should clearly realize that the historical events of 80 years ago are terrible lessons of history, the repetition of which we have no right to allow.

In addition, the Prosecutor General got acquainted with the specifics of the activities of the Center of safety, visiting the interactive training sites, the expositions of which are built with maximum transfer of reality using modern information technologies, digital environment, augmented and virtual reality technologies.

It should be noted that the exhibition opening is one of a series of events planned to be held by the Ministry of Emergency Situations as part of the celebration of the 80th anniversary of the liberation of Belarus from Nazi invaders.

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