Environmental Safety

Environmental Safety
Environmental Safety

Current problems are considered: the disappearance of thousands of species of animals and plants, a decrease in the area of ​​forest cover, a decrease in the area of ​​swamps, air pollution, a decrease in mineral reserves, etc.

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Despite all human achievements, the ecological problem remains urgent. Among the current environmental problems the most acute are: the disappearance of thousands of species of animals and plants, reduction of forest cover, reduction of swamp area, atmospheric pollution, reduction of mineral reserves, etc.

The learning area is divided into two zones.

  1. The first zone tells what can happen if we do not change our attitude to nature (ecology). Uncontrolled emissions of enterprises, the growing amount of household waste of modern man, the use of harmful substances and materials can lead to the fact that our planet will become uninhabitable.
  2. The second zone demonstrates the balance of nature, man and modern technologies. Visitors to the center can get acquainted with biodegradable materials, recycling of materials, practice the skills of sorting household waste.
Reviews about our centers
12 June 2024
Minsk (Republican Center of Safety)

We visited the Security Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The impressions are the best and unforgettable. The atmosphere is unusually realistic, the situations are varied. I especially remember the Earthquake, the Smokey Room, and the Changeling Car. And, of course, an apartment with various household hazards. The story of a drug addict was also very impressive. And after all, ...

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12 May 2024
Minsk (Republican Center of Safety)

A great place not only for children, but also for adults. We learned a lot of useful and new information. Two hours flew by unnoticed. I especially liked the earthquake and the car shifter.

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