Civil Defense Signals

Civil Defense Signals
Civil Defense Signals

With the help of a training video, visitors become familiar with the correct algorithm of actions for a given signal.

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Notification of the threat or occurrence of emergency situations, both peacetime and wartime, is one of the most important elements of public protection.

To attract the attention of personnel and population to the transmission of civil defense signals, the signal «Attention all!» is used. The signal is given by means of sirens, horns and other sound notification means installed in cities, settlements and enterprises.

With the help of a training video visitors are familiarized with the correct algorithm of actions at this signal. Also, on the site are models of ammunition (shells, mines, grenades, etc.).

If you hear a signal at home, you should immediately turn on radios or televisions. At this time, an emergency message is broadcast, which tells about the emergency situation and gives all the necessary recommendations for further actions.

Reviews about our centers
12 June 2024
Minsk (Republican Center of Safety)

We visited the Security Center of the Ministry of Emergency Situations. The impressions are the best and unforgettable. The atmosphere is unusually realistic, the situations are varied. I especially remember the Earthquake, the Smokey Room, and the Changeling Car. And, of course, an apartment with various household hazards. The story of a drug addict was also very impressive. And after all, ...

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12 May 2024
Minsk (Republican Center of Safety)

A great place not only for children, but also for adults. We learned a lot of useful and new information. Two hours flew by unnoticed. I especially liked the earthquake and the car shifter.

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