Minsk region
“The center is a new step forward for the prevention of all adverse events. And it will be interesting not only for children, but also for adults.”
Anatoly Isachenko
Chairman of the Minsk Regional Executive Committee
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Контроль знаний
Knowledge control
Demonstrates video material depending on the age category of the trainees, followed by mandatory testing.
Вызов службы спасения
Calling the emergency services
Allows to practice the skills of calling the emergency service in case of emergencies using a programmed phone, which provides a dialog mode of interaction with the dispatcher of the emergency services. The location presents 7 different situations (apartment fire, collapse of building structures, forest fire, etc.).
Помощь рядом. Огнетушители
Help is nearby. Fire extinguishers
At the location you can familiarize yourself with the advantages and working principle of the mobile application “EMERCOM of Belarus: Help Nearby”, and the simulator “Fire extinguisher” provides an opportunity to acquire practical skills of working with a fire extinguisher by eliminating a virtual fire.
Опасности вокруг нас
Dangers around us
Decorated installations simulating a living room and kitchen with fire, gas, electrical and general safety violations. The installations are interacted with using a tablet and augmented reality technology. By pointing the tablet at the “danger zones”, the students familiarize themselves with the causes of emergencies in the living room.
Правила эвакуации
Evacuation rules
Allows practicing the algorithm of evacuation from a smoke-filled room. Before entering the labyrinth, visitors watch a training video and learn the algorithm of actions. With the help of audio and visual effects, the maze recreates the situation of a real fire. Visitors need to orient themselves in a dangerous situation and follow the evacuation signs to find their way out.
Tells about safe behavior when meeting a stranger in an elevator.
Allows you to practice behavioral skills in the event of an emergency in an entryway.
Природные опасности
Natural Hazards
Allows you to practice safe behavior skills in the forest and swamp.
Замёрзший водоём
A frozen body of water
The platform simulates the surface of ice. There is a person on the ice who has fallen through the ice and is calling for help. If the rescuer makes mistakes, the ice floes start to crack and then separate, creating the effect of breaking ice.
Tells how to behave when encountering stinging insects.
Грозовой коридор
Thunderstorm Corridor
Immerses in the atmosphere of a thunderstorm in the forest with the help of decorative installations, audio and visual special effects and tells how to choose the right places of shelter and not to get hit by lightning. An automated control system tracks a person’s position in the space, and if an unsafe shelter is chosen, the system simulates a lightning strike to the person’s location.
Пешеходный переход и коридор опасностей
Crosswalk and Hazard Corridor
Provides an opportunity to gain knowledge about safe behavior at construction sites, sand pits, forests, swamps, and roadways.
Виртуальная реальность
Virtual Reality
Allows you to practice behavioral skills in a dangerous or extreme situation using VR technology
Quest Room
Allows teaching school and preschool age children the rules of behavior on the street and in the house, as well as reinforcing the knowledge gained by correcting mistakes made in the blocks: “Safe use of the stove”, “Safe use of gas equipment”, “Hidden dangers in the forest. Radiation and ammunition”, “Stand-alone fire detector”, “Dangers in the city”.
Обучение молодых мам
Training of young moms
Designed to teach young parents the rules of forming a safe environment for an infant and practicing first aid skills.

Borisov, Gagarina str. , 113
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8.00-17.00 Monday-Friday
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